Onion Minced
Onion Minced


Onions are arguably our most important ingredient, the indispensable cornerstone of modern cooking around the world. Whole onions can be used as a vegetable, but when used as a spice, the onion brings out the flavor of our dishes without overpowering them.

Raw onions have a sharp bouquet and can bring your eyes to tears; onions are pungent and bitter before cooking, and slightly sweet when cooked. Unlike many other spices, onions do best when added to your recipe early in the cooking process.

Our dehydrated "Chopped onion" is the coarsest texture of dehydrated onion, chopped to 1/4-inch pieces. Re-hydrate for 15-20 minutes in an equal amount of cool water and drain before cooking, or pour directly into any dish containing liquid: sauces, soups, chili, meatloaf or any recipe that calls for coarsely-chopped onion. Retains taste and texture of onion.

Dehydrated "Minced onion" falls between chopped and granulated onion in size, pieces about 1/8-inch big. Use minced onion in any recipe that calls for just a touch of onion: dip, omelets, dressings, hamburgers, casseroles, etc. Re-hydrate for 15-20 min in cold water and drain before adding to recipes. Retains taste and texture of onion.

Our "Granulated onion" is perfect for recipes that call for more thickness and bulk than onion powder, but smoother texture and less "chunk" than minced or chopped onion. Granulated onion is often used in spice blends, braised meats, soups, stocks, or any recipe with lots of liquid to develop the rich onion flavor.

Onion powder has the most refined, smooth texture of all our onion products. It is pure onion in a powder, a fantastic way to meld rich onion flavor into rubs and dry blends. Just stir into an equal amount of water, let sit for 15 min, drain and use -- or just sprinkle directly onto/into food! 5 tsp onion powder = 1/4 cup fresh onion.