Mild Sicilian


For boneless chicken breasts or pork chops, just drizzle a little light olive oil over the meat and sprinkle seasoning on both sides. For extra potency and to fix the problem of chicken breast often cooking too dry, put a small amount of light olive oil in a slow cooker or saucepan and sprinkle in some extra seasoning. If you use a slow cooker to heat the oil, put it on high. If you use a sauce pan use a low flame. Occasionally stir the mixture as you separately cook the chicken or pork. The oil will become infused with the seasoning by the time you’re done cooking. Cut up the chicken or pork, put it in with the heated oil and mix it around .

Also great on pastas  like ziti and lasagna, sauces, pizza, broccoli rabe, turkey burgers, soy burgers and wild game.


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